Protecting What's Important to You

Discover the advantages of access control systems in the Plantation & Fort Lauderdale, FL area

Controlling who has access to your property can make your home or business safer. Sound & Space in Plantation, FL can equip your entrances with electronic or magnetic access control systems that can be unlocked only with authorization. We can limit access to your community pool, your company's stockroom or your entire building.

Our experts will work with your every step of the way to make sure your home or business is properly secured. Reach out to us in Plantation & Fort Lauderdale, FL to speak with a professional about residential or commercial access control systems.

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There are many ways to control access to your property

Sound & Space works with a variety of access control systems to regulate entry to your property. Depending on your needs, we can install a system that uses:

  • Card entry
  • Pin pad entry
  • Remote entry
  • Push-button exits
  • Motion exits

Call 786-259-2302 today to schedule your residential or commercial access control system installation.